Code editor

Choosing the right or Best text editor is a Necessity of every beginner and good programmer. Having a good code/text editor decides how your journey will be as a beginner programmer. Because code can be written on the notepad so what’s the big deal with Text/code editors, so let us tell you how:

If you wrote a script of 2000 lines and then you instantly run your script but got an error message saying error in line 1024. The thing is that, the term “how you gonna solve the error” comes after but the initial step is how you are going to find the line of error, that is one of the very basic things which makes you use such editors, they give you very quick navigations, makes the map of code with all closing and opening tags, you can easily identify and understand the code. It heps you writing code by identifying the function names just with few initial alphabets when you type them and so on. It basically makes reduce the chances of common errors in code writing and helps you to write error-free code.

Text editors have such ability to recognize, what is variable or function and Accordingly it shows them in different colors and this is just a basic feature about code editor, you will find lot more after checking the list below. Not even for beginners it helps pro programmers to code nicely and expedites. The best part about code editors is, it almost supports all languages so you don’t have to worry, you just have to create a file with proper extension.

Now without wasting your time let’s jump into the top 10 best Text editors list:

Sublime Text

It’s a well-turned and sophisticated text editors for writing good quality and error free code. It has Multiple selections that allow you to interactively change many lines at once, rename variables with ease, and manipulate files faster than ever. It just natively supports many programming and markup languages. You can also add more functions just by using its plugin.

Sublime Text gives you such powerful python based API with Python console to interactively experiment in real time. It is a lightweight text editor which supports on Windows, Mac, and Linux. It has launched three versions so far with exclusive code writing features.

Features of Sublime Text

  • Almost everything in Sublime Text is customizable with simple JSON files.
  • Powerful Python based plugin API to experiment in real time.
  • Available for OS X, Windows, and Linux.
  • Make multiple changes at the same time.
  • Multi-platform supported.
  • Full-screen mode to get rid of pop-up notification and to concentrate on Code writing.


If you are one of those who doesn’t like restrictions on their work/programming then this is the right text editor for you. Atom is a fully customizable text editor, so you can do anything with it by choosing different packages to add new functionality and features to it. So it’s kind of more open source for you to add desired functions on it which just basically means adding functions to make your coding more convenient.

You don’t have to worry about which platform you are using if you are willing to use this text editor because it works on Windows, Mac, and Linux as well.

Features of Atom

  • Autocompletion during writing code to help you write code faster and flexibly.
  • File system browser to Easily browse and open a single file, a whole project, or multiple projects in one window.
  • Compare and edit code across different files by using multiple panes.
  • Atom Works across operating systems( OS X, Windows, or Linux).
  • Find and replace any text in a single file or the whole project.
  • Installation of new packages according to your need.


Coda is one of the paid text editors for Mac. Because it’s specialized for Mac so it has so many features that would like to try if you are a Mac user.

Syntax highlighting on Coda is much faster than any other text editor. You can preview your code in real-time. Coda has too many rich utilities that make your work better.

Features of Coda

  • It has side-wide autocompletion of variables, classes, functions, it all done with the help of by local indexed files.
  • You can edit and preview the site CSS in real time.
  • Track and publish files modified outside of Coda.
  • Manage existing plugins or discover new by Coda’s plugin preferences.
  • Easy and fast switching between tabs.


notepad plus plus

Notepad++ is a free source text editor that helps to write programs in an easy way. It has such powerful editing component  Scintilla, it helps and supports during editing, debugging code indicates errors and much more. This text editor is purely written in C++. It uses pure Win32 API and STL which ensures a higher execution speed and smaller program size for every code you write. You can change the editor language to your native language just by downloading and updating the XML file. The best part which every programmer likes about notepad++ is that it is one of the very lightweight software with extreme features.

Features of NOtepad++

  • Very lightweight and starts rapidly.
  • Macro recording and playback support.
  • Multi-Document or Tab interface to work on multiple tabs.
  • You can Launch it with different arguments.
  • Auto completion on words, functions, parameters with hints.
  • Zoom-in and out.
  • Syntax highlighting and folding.
  • You can add Bookmarks for future concerns.


Vim Text Editor

vim text editor

Vim is a powerful and portable text editor. With its bunch of advanced features, you can handle it pretty well to get your program done in very efficient and easy way. It works in Windows, macOS, and Android.

The developers behind this text editors keep on updating Vim and adding new features to it with every update.

Features of Vim

  • Very lightweight and fast.
  • Extensive plugin system
  • Powerful search and replace for text.
  • Integrates with many other tools.
  • It Supports hundreds of programming languages and file formats.
  • Works well for remote machines with slow connections.


Visual Studio Code

visual studio code

It is a free Text editor developed by Microsoft. It is released in April 2015. Visual Studio Code has built-in debugging tools for Node, TypeScript, and JavaScript and other languages. It supports on Windows(10,8,7), Mac(10.9+), Linux(Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SESU).

Features of Visual Studio Code

  • It has Smart completions based on variable types, function definitions, and imported modules.
  • You can Debug with breakpoints, call stacks, and an interactive console Using its advanced debugging.
  • Supports a variety of languages to run and debug like CSS, Perl, PHP, Go, Clojure, HandleBars, Jade, Python, C++, F#, SQL, Lua, Typescript, Dockerfile etc.

UltraEditCode editor

As the name specifies, UltraEdit is one of the text editor which comes with some ordinary editing features which every coder should try.

It is a multi-platform text editor for web development, text editing, system administration and desktop development. It is a Bunch of Incredible features to handle sophisticated software and web development projects. It has very flexible and customized interface. Even it is a paid text editor but you can take trail as well.


Features of UltraEdit

  • Multi-platform- Windows, Mac, and Linux.
  • Able to open and edit very large files without any crash.
  • File compare and data sorting.
  • Syntax highlighting for almost every programming language.
  • Integrated FTP, SSH and telnet client.
  • Multi-select to copy or edit on every row you select at the same moment.
  • Column mode to add or edit code at the same time.
  • Auto closing on XML/HTML tags.


Bluefish is one of the Worthwhile text editors towards programmers and developers worldwide. So far, its five versions have been launched, Every time it comes with new features and improvement in it. It is multi-platform and runs on most of the desktop operating systems including Linux, FreeBSD, MacOS-X, Windows, OpenBSD, and Solaris.

Features of Bluefish

  • Very fast and lightweight, Loads hundreds of files within seconds.
  • Multiple document interface to open more than 1000+ documents simultaneously.
  • undo or redo functionality.
  • Auto-recover after any system crash, Kill or shutdown.
  • Available full-screen editing.
  • you can save your documents with any desired encoding.
  • Bookmarking.
  • Easily Open file based on content patterns.


Brackets is another open source text/code editor with proper visual tools and preprocessor. It is very lightweight and sufficient for a beginner programmer. With a lot of functions as real-time editing preview and some features, it is a complete coding hub for a programmer. You can even get a real-time connection to your browser. You can also make changes to CSS and HTML and you will instantly see those changes on your screen.

Features of Brackets

  • Advance Inline editor.
  • Live preview of changes on your code.
  • Live Highlight with LESS and SCSS files.
  • Magnification Preprocessor support.

While a plain text editor such as Notepad will give you the basics you need, you might be interested in using more advanced features.  These include syntax highlighting, FTP or find and replace features.

In this article, we will introduce you to the best code editors available for Windows, Mac and even Linux.

Features to look for in a text editor

When looking at editing your WordPress files, you’ll want your program to offer editing facilities for PHP and CSS files.  These are the predominant file types in WordPress.

Helpful features to look for in a code editor include:

  • The ability to show line numbers:  this will help you to debug your code more easily as you can easily address the content on each line.

  • Highlighting your syntax:  this will enable you to immediately see where there is a problem with your code.
  • Autocomplete codes:  reduces your time spent programming.
  • Auto – time save intervals:  backing up your data often enables you to work knowing that your information will not get lost.
  • Syntax error checking:  this highlights common errors as you type, helping you increase your accuracy.


Code editor

If you’re interested in an introduction to code editors, Notepad++ would be the best free HTML editor to try out.  The first of the best code editor list is used on Windows-based computers and is easy to use for beginners.  It is also a powerful tool for advanced users.  You can use syntax highlighting with many different computer languages.  These include PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.

You’ll be able to connect your server and edit files without leaving editor via a built-in FTP plugin.


  • You can connect directly to the server via FTP, giving you the opportunity to open, edit and move your files into position directly from your editor.
  • Great support for external plugins which help extend the functionality of your website.
  • Open source and licensed by GNU, this gives you easy access to updates, online assistance, and no outlay costs.
  • This program can also be run on MAC, Linux, and UNIX.


Code editor

Coda is a Mac text editor which has become extremely popular.  It has an attractive interface and is smart and powerful.  Coda allows you to edit working either local or remote files.  You can manage your projects using Coda.  While you work, you have multiple tab options which enable you to work on different files at the same time.

Coda has a built-in terminal access and reference guide, full-blown text editing facilities, and the ability to design layouts without using an outside application.  As a code editor for Mac, Coda isn’t free and costs $99 for a single license.  However, this well-loved option is well worth the price.


  • Coda supports the creation of colors and gradients as you need them.
  • An excellent file management system which can be opened using SFTP, WebDAV, FTP and Amazon s3. This means you can upload to multiple servers.
  • Remote and local files can be edited.
  • Supports MySQL queries.

Sublime Text

Code editor

Sublime Text is a code editor which can be used across Mac, Windows, and Linux.  This is an aesthetic program with a range of valuable features.  You can personalize the appearance of the program to make it suit your individual needs.  This program has advanced code editor features which allow you to reference, split edit, autocomplete and autofill in order to work on coding quickly and efficiently.

Sublime Text is available on trial and a single license will cost you $70.


  • Free basic software option.
  • Beginner friendly interface using sublime text
  • WordPress code editors which can be used across platforms such as Windows, Mac, and Linux.

Is this one the best code editor that you can use?

Let’s look at the other entries as well.


Code editor

TextMate is a Mac text editor which brings the simplicity of the Apple operating system into a text editor.  This program assists you with reducing the mental overload or repetitiveness of coding.  It is exclusive to mac.  TextMate is rich in features such as find and replaces, autocompletion, and foldable code blocks.


  • Supports more than 50 languages
  • Column typing
  • Ability to work with multiple files
  • File tabs for working with multiple projects
  • This program offers FTP and X code support
  • Easy Ruby and Rails code editing tool
  • Easy to use clipboard management.


Code editor

Atom is a free online code editor which can be used across platforms.  It was developed by GitHub.  Despite being new, it has gained huge momentum.  Atom is open source and users submit themes.  It is an attractive option to work with.  Atom shines at its ability to add additional features easily.  There are many different packages and themes available when using Atom.

There is a range of features offered up by Atom, and it may take you a while to install your choice selection.  However, core features include:

  • An interface which is simple and easy to use.
  • The ability to extend and customize features available.
  • Works well with major operating systems.
  • Themes are variable and enable you to be precise when creating tools.


Code editor

BBEdit is a high-performance HTML text editor for Mac.  This is an old and established text editor which is constantly updated.  As a result, it is often regarded the best text editor for Mac.  BBEdit has the advanced features you’d associate with a powerful code editor, including find and replace features, multiple tables, autocompletion, splittable editing windows, and syntax highlighting.


  • Extensive features which can be used on Mac computers.
  • Supports FTP and SFTP functions.
  • Supports HTML, Mac OSX Scripting, and Apple Script
  • There is a 30 day free trial period where you can see if this program is beneficial too.


Code editor

UltraEdit is an HTML code editor which can be used across multiple platforms and is regarded as one of the best code editor options available. It has strong features such as a built-in file comparison utility, multi-tab options, autocompletion, syntax highlighting and multi-pane editors. This is a program which will assist you in getting your work done quickly and efficiently.   This program has a free limited trial version but will cost $79.50 if you choose to purchase.

Features include:

  • The ability to handle large files
  • Block and column editing
  • Powerful search features such as Regex.
  • Excellent support for data sorting
  • Free trial version


Code editor

Vim as a free text code editor which can be used across platforms such as OSX, Windows, and Linux.  Vim offers the opportunity to work on view files on a remote server.  Vim as a large range of features and is a flexible text code writer.  It can, however, take time to select the plugins which will be most beneficial.  Vim is powerful and advanced and is considered to be an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) in its own right.


  • A highly integrated user interface.
  • Highly expandable and versatile
  • Supports over 200 languages.
  • Incredibly fast and efficient once you learn the keyboard commands.


Code editor

Brackets was created by Adobe in order to take web editing to a new level.  It is a free text editor which can be downloaded from an official website.  Brackets is still young but as an open source text editor, this means that all people are welcome to submit their extensions.  Brackets is an excellent code editor which enables you to work quickly and efficiently.

This product comes with the following features:

  • It supports all platforms, including Apple, Windows, and Linux.
  • It is an excellent product to use for writing in HTML, CSS, JS or PHP.
  • Customized options make this a flexible and highly extendable option.
  • This product can integrate with creative cloud and can extract CSS from PSD.
  • Lightweight code editor.

Finding the best code editor can have a big impact on your productivity and workflow. Whether you are new to the world of programming or an old hand, you’ll need a great code editor to help you perform your magic. 

The best code editors will make you more efficient at coding and writing, assist you in examining and editing your code, and be customisable to meet your needs. They will also create a more comfortable user experience, which should not be underestimated, as you’ll be looking at your code editor for potentially hours every day.

  • The best laptop for programming

There are dozens of text editors, code editors, IDEs, and more out there for you to choose from. So how do you pick? You really only want to have to make the switch to a new editor once in a while, as you’ll lose some efficiency while you’re adjusting to the different software. 

On this page, we’ll take an in-depth look at what we think are the five best code editors for developers and designers. Page 2 offers some more options to try out if you don’t get on with the tools on this page, then on page 3 you’ll also find information on what is a code editor, and how to pick the right code editor. And while you’re considering your toolkit, it’s definitely worth taking a look at our guide to the best antivirus software to keep your precious programming safe. 

Sublime Text 3

01. Sublime Text 3

Price: $80 (free indefinite preview) | Stability: High | Speed: High | UI/UX: Medium | Customisability: High

Sublime Text is the editor that really changed the way code editors worked. It is lightweight, open and ready to edit your file almost as soon as you have managed to click the button. This responsiveness is one of the things that makes Sublime Text the best code editor in its class. If you want to open a file and make a quick edit, waiting for a few seconds for loading may not sound like much, but the delay can grow tedious. 

Another big benefit of Sublime Text is that it is crazily extensible, with a huge and ever-growing list of plugins available to install via the package manager. Options include themes with which to customise the editor’s appearance, code linters (which can assist with more quickly locating any errors in your code), Git plugins, colour pickers, and more.

Sublime Text is free to download and start using, but for extended use you’ll need to shell out $80 for a licence – and the programme will remind you fairly regularly about payment until you cough up. If you decide to pay, the same licence key can be used by you for any computer that you use, so you can enter the same code on all your machines to make the payment reminder popup go away. The paid licence, however, is perhaps Sublime Text’s biggest downside – there are a number of competitive products available to developers for no cost.

Visual Studio Code

02. Visual Studio Code

Price: Free | Stability: High | Speed: Medium | UI/UX: High | Customisability: Medium

Visual Studio Code is a code editor developed by Microsoft, and surprisingly, is an open-source software. VS Code is perhaps the closest code editor in this list to being an IDE. It is very robust, and is also one of the slower programs when starting up. However, while using it, VS Code is quick and able to handle quite a few interesting tasks, such as quick Git commits or opening and sorting through multiple folders’ worth of content.

VS Code has seen a meteoric rise in popularity – it is continually growing its user base and attracting developers away from other editors. VS Code has a built-in terminal, as well as built-in Git support, both of which are big winners for fans of this program. Its ‘IntelliSense’ feature offers autocompletion of code as well as information on the parameters of functions and known variable names.


03. Atom

Price: Free | Stability: Medium | Speed: Medium | UI/UX: High | Customisability: High

Atom is open source and developed by GitHub. In its initial development, it was heavily influenced by the new style of editor made popular by Sublime Text. However, there are key differences: Atom is free and open source, and offers easy out-of-box integration with Git and GitHub. Atom has historically had performance and stability problems, but those have diminished significantly as it has matured. It’s true that it still launches slower than some editors, but it’s just as reliable and quick to use as any of the rest after that.

Further reading: Get more from Atom text editor

Brackets code editor

04. Brackets

Price: Free | Stability: Medium | Speed: Medium | UI/UX: High | Customisability: Medium

Brackets is Adobe’s open-source editor, and seems to be a very well rounded software. It doesn’t natively support as many languages for syntax highlighting as some of the others (but it still has quite a few). Because of its focus on front end technologies, it also supports CSS preprocessors like Less and Sass. 

Brackets doesn’t come out on top on many of the usual speed and reliability metrics, but it does have several unique features worth investigating. It is mostly configurable via its menus, whereas most of the other editors in this list require you to edit configuration files (you can also edit the configuration file in Brackets if you prefer). 

There’s also an interesting feature for quick CSS editing. You can use a hotkey to pop out a small section on an HTML page, then edit any CSS rules that are currently affecting the element that you have selected. This means you can quickly locate a styling problem and fix it without having to waste time searching around.

An interesting design decision is that Brackets doesn’t use tabs at all for showing open files. Rather, there is an open files menu in the top left, above the file tree. If you’re using the split-window view, this open tabs list also splits ‘Left’ and ‘Right’ for easier location of the file you’re looking for. VS Code uses a similar open files menu, for example, but also uses tabs. In Brackets, this enables maximum screen real estate, but could be a jarring experience if you’re used to tab navigation.

Vim code editor

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You grant to Us a worldwide, irrevocable, non-exclusive, royalty-free license to use, reproduce, adapt, publish, translate and distribute Your Content in any existing or future media. You also grant to Us the right to sublicense these rights and the right to bring an action for infringement of these rights. If You delete Content, we will use reasonable efforts to remove it from the Service, but You acknowledge that caching or references to the Content may not be made immediately unavailable.

By making Content available, You represent and warrant that: The downloading, copying and use of the Content will not infringe the proprietary rights, including but not limited to the copyright, patent, trademark or trade secret rights, of any third party;
If Your employer has rights to intellectual property You create, You have either (i) received permission from Your employer to post or make available the Content, including but not limited to any software, or (ii) secured from Your employer a waiver as to all rights in or to the Content;

You have fully complied with any third-party licenses relating to the Content, and have done all things necessary to successfully pass through to end users any required terms;
The Content does not contain or install any viruses, worms, malware, Trojan horses or other harmful or destructive Content;

The Content is not pornographic, does not contain threats or incite violence, and does not violate the privacy or publicity rights of any third party;

You have, in the case of Content that includes computer code, accurately categorised and/or described the type, nature, uses and effects of the materials, whether requested to do so by MyThemeShop, LLC or otherwise.

Your Content must not be illegal or unlawful, must not infringe any third party’s legal rights and must not be capable of giving rise to legal action whether against You or Us or a third party (in each case under any applicable law).

You must not submit any Content to the Service that is or has ever been the subject of any threatened or actual legal proceedings or other similar complaint.

We have the right (though not the obligation) to, in Our sole discretion (i) refuse or remove any Content that, in Our reasonable opinion, violates any policy or is in any way harmful or objectionable, or (ii) terminate or deny access to and use of the Service to any individual or entity for any reason, in Our sole discretion. We will have no obligation to provide a refund of any amounts previously paid.

You understand that all content uploaded to the Service will be continually monitored for illegal content, and should any be found, will be erased immediately. This is in relation to any items deemed illegal by content as well as illegal due to copyright infringement.

20. Affiliate Terms and Conditions

You agree to all our terms and conditions for affiliate program by creating an account with us and then by promoting us. If you wish to promote our products using our affiliate program, you also agree that your promotional methods will be inline with the methods laid out in our affiliate terms page.

21. Indemnity

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22. Breaches of these terms of use

Without prejudice to Our other rights under these terms of use, if You breach these terms of use in any way, we may take such action as we deem appropriate to deal with the breach, including suspending Your access to the Service, prohibiting You from accessing the Service, blocking computers using Your IP address from accessing the Service, contacting Your internet service provider to request that they block Your access to the Service and/or bringing court proceedings against You.

23. Warranty

We at MyThemeShop do not guarantee or provide warranty for the functionality of these templates/themes in any way. There is no guarantee for its compatibility with all 3rd party components, plugins and web browsers. You should however test the browser compatibility against the demonstration templates on the demo server. It is your responsibility to make sure browser compatibility since we cannot guarantee that MyThemeShop templates/themes will work with all browsers.

24. Membership cancellation

Cancelling your Membership Subscription means you lose access to the all premium product downloads, updates and Support. If you want to re-signup for our extended subscription you’ll need to pay the one-time sign-up fee again, unless we make an exception.

25. Jurisdiction, Applicable Law, and Limitations

The Services are created and controlled by MyThemeShop. in the State of Illinois, U.S.A. You agree that these Terms of Use will be governed by and construed in accordance with the laws of the United States of America and the State of Illinois, without regard to its conflicts of law provisions. Use of the Services is unauthorized in any jurisdiction that does not give effect to all provisions of these Terms of Use. MyThemeShop, LLC makes no claims or assurances that the Services are appropriate or may be downloaded outside of the United States. You agree that all legal proceedings arising out of or in connection with these Terms of Use or the Services must be filed in a federal or state court located in Libertyville, Illinois, within one year of the time in which the events giving rise to such claim began, or your claim will be forever waived and barred. You expressly submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of said courts and consent to extraterritorial service of process.

(We reserve the right to change or alter the current set of Terms and Conditions without prior notice.)

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How to use the HTML code editor?

You will see the source editor pre-populated with a demo text when you load the website for the very first time, letting you experiment with the tool. Load this text any time you want using the allocated menu option. To open a new tag use the list above the text area. Close the opened tags clicking the close button on the very right side of the top section. This will close the items one by one in reverse opening order.

The main HTML composing area is using syntax highlighting to make the markup language tags easily distinguishable and more readable. The amount of characters is displayed along with the main control buttons: undo, new page, font-size adjuster, compressor and the main HTML Cleaning button which executes all checked cleaning options.

The preview area is located on the right side of the source editor and the changes are reflected here instantly to make HTML composing more human friendly. This section is using the Bootstrap CSS, which allows you to use the styles of the most popular front-end framework.

Scrolling further down you can find many useful integrated tools. Use the tag wizard to perform bulk operations on the code. Following the first tag name list column there are additional options to create new tags, replace them, delete them completely with their content, remove only the tags, delete the tag attributes of certain tags and it’s possible to convert tables and lists to structured div elements. Besides the predefined iframe, table, link, span, image, form and list tags you can define and manipulate further tags entering them in the input fields. Every tag wizard action can be executed individually with the little play buttons or they can be set active checking the grey dots and apply them all together with the main button in the top-right corner of the window.

The most basic HTML Cleaning features are available and can be applied one by one or all active options at the same time. Clear out inline styles, unwanted classes and ids, empty tags, tags containing only one non-breaking space, successive spaces, comments. You can also get rid of all tag attributes (except the src of images and href of anchor tags) or remove every tags with one mouse click, making the document a plain text.

The replace tool can look and interchange text bits in the whole document, the content, the tag attributes, the styles or in the classes/ids. This doesn’t support regular expressions.

The color picker is another important feature of the HTML code editor which lets us easily select the desired color and save them for later use. The most common code snippets can easily be copy-pasted in the editor.

The gibberish text generator populates the editor or the allocated area on the page with some basic Lorem Ipsum paragraphs.

Useful tips

Keep a backup of the content and always save the work progress.
Make sure you validate the HTML codebefore publishing to avoid errors.
Read about all the bad HTML practices here .

Use the CSS below to style the divs converted from tables:

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Quoda представляет собой сложный, но простой в использовании редактор исходного кода или IDE, так же, как Notepad ++, Textmate или Sublime Text, с интегрированной поддержкой SFTP / FTP (S) серверов и облачных систем хранения данных (Dropbox и Google Drive). Вот некоторые из лучших особенностей:
• Подсветка синтаксиса с тем
• редактирование Кросс-сессия
•-завершение кода *
• Фрагменты * с табуляции и переменных
• Расширенная клавиатура
• Найти и заменить регулярное выражение и случае (в) чувствительность
• SFTP / FTP (S) * Интеграция
• Dropbox / Google Drive интеграции *
• поддержка Google Apps Script
• Комбинации клавиш
• Живая HTML / уценки просмотр * (таблетки)
Другие функции включают в себя загрузку URL исходный код, автоматическое обнаружение, кодирующий Подсветка скобок, авто-отступы, линия закладок, выбора цвета, HTML форматирование, и даже больше — многие из них сравнится других сред разработки Android или текстовых редакторов!
Quoda постоянно обновляется с новыми функциями. В следующем планируется выпущен в ближайшее время: поддержка ГИТ, коробка и OneDrive интеграции, пользовательские темы, импорт FTP-сервер данные FileZilla, код-завершение для всех языков программирования и многое другое!
* Эти функции требуют обновления до Quoda премии всего за $ 3.99 / £ 2.49 / € 4.10.
Quoda была много внимания положить в его пользовательского опыта, так что это простой в использовании, быстро, отзывчивый и очень надежным IDE. Несмотря на большой массив функций, это сделано интуитивное, как это возможно, так что вы можете разработать максимально продуктивно и сосредоточиться на исходном коде.
Quoda в настоящее время поддерживает кодирование на следующих языках программирования: ActionScript, C, C ++, C #, CSS, Haskell, HTML, Java, JavaScript, Lisp, Lua, Markdown, Objective-C, Perl, PHP, Python, Ruby, SQL, Visual Basic и в формате XML. Другие языки программирования добавляются все время!
Если вы хотите, чтобы закодировать продуктивно вдали от компьютера, Quoda это должно быть, что позволяет осуществлять текстовый редактор и IDE как Notepad ++, Textmate или Sublime Text в кармане, чтобы код, когда на ходу!

Amy Editor

Созданый в 2007 Петром Кронторадом (Petr Krontorad), Amy Editor продвинутый редактор с интерфейсом в стиле Mac. Amy Editor имеет в наличие кучу полезных опций, такие как нумерация строк, подсветка синтаксиса, сниппеты для более чем 20 языков, совместное использование и прочее.
Ami Editor


Как вы можете заметить из названия, JSBin онлайн редактор, сфокусированный в основном на Javascript. Мне действительно нравится его простой и ясный интерфейс. Любой код может быть протестирован с помощью функции «Предпросмотр» и затем экспортирован в файл.
Другая хорошая вещь в JSBin то, что он может импортировать популярные Javascript фреймворки, такие как jQuery или Mootools, так что вы можете тестировать свои плагины без проблем.



Bespin, активно использующий HTML5, — новый проект от Mozilla Labs. Этот очень мощный редактор, имеющий много классных опций. Для использования редактора, вам необходимо создать аккаунт. Заметьте, что Bespin может быть скачан и встроен в любой веб-проект простым добавлением двух файлов в header.


Kodingen — ещё один великолепный онлайн-редактор, возможно один из самых навороченных из этого списка. Он может быть использован как без регистрации, так и вы можете создать аккаунт и использовать дополнительные возможности, такие как репозиторий SVN, совместная работа и т.д.
У этого редактора есть шаблоны для основных языков программирования, подсветка синтаксиса, нумерация строк и еще много всего. Обязательно попробуйте!



EditPad, в отличии от предыдущих редакторов в этой статье, простой и минималистичный. Без подсветки синтаксиса, без возможности управления проектом… Просто обычная страница для ввода текста без излишеств. Я не особо фанат такого, но такой «онлайновы notepad» может сэкономить кучу нервов на медленной машине.



TypeIt не редактор кода, и я извиняюсь за то, что он попал сюда в статью. Это удобная утилита, которая даёт быстрый доступ для специальных символов, таких как французские буквы. Определённо необходимый сайт в вашем избранном если вы часто работаете над мульти-язычными проектами.


PractiCode — совершенно простой редактор кода. Есть небольшое количество функций (удобные для CSS, HTML и VbScript), но это идеально для быстрого создания «грязного» кода.


9ne (произносится: Найн (Nine)) — прекрасный онлайн редактор, взявший за основу GNU Emacs. 9ne предоставляет большинство основного функционала Emacs и сейчас поддерживает подсветку синтаксиса XML и JavaScript.


Vi всегда был одним из моих самых любимых редакторов всех времён. Почему? Потому что он мощный, быстрый и вы можете найти его везде: дистрибутивы GNU/Linix, Mac, веб-сервер… Теперь я также могу найти Vi в онлайн в его реинкарнации JSVI. Большинство функциональности VI было реализовано в этой версии для онлайна.


Как говорит нам название, HTMLedit — это (очень простой) HTML редактор, который может быть использован для быстрого и чернового кодирования. Однако, он для нас имеет сомнительный интерес, по сравнению с остальными пунктами этого списка.


Вы когда-нибудь чувствовали себя обезумевшими, работая над глючным куском кода? Если так, то тогда без сомнения вам понравится DarkCopy. Этот простой редактор с ограниченным функционалом, однако, имеющий тёмный, несуетливый интерфейс, так, что вы сможете сконцентрироваться только над самым важным: сделать это.

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