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Alexa ranking is something that anyone who is associated with the internet industry ought to be familiar with. Up until a few years back, it was considered a highly effective and important metric to determine the popularity of a website. It was second in relevance only to Google Page Rank. It has been two decades and Alexa still remains relevant for webmasters and website owners equally. In this article, we take a look at why Alexa ranking is important even today and how it can improve your website’s ranking.

What is Alexa Ranking?

As the name indicates, it is a ranking given by Alexa to your website, depending on the amount of traffic it gets. Started in 1996, Alexa is a subsidiary of It specializes in collecting and analyzing web traffic data, based on which it ranks websites and blogs. The ranking is one of the important factors that determine the popularity and profitability of a website.

How Does the Ranking System Work?

In order to understand why Alexa ranking is important, you need to know how it is calculated in the first place. Alexa uses two metrics while deciding the ranking of a website – the number of page views and the number of unique visitors – over a period of three months. Page views refer to the number of times your website’s URL is viewed by users. Unique visitors mean the number of people who visit your website. If the same user visits your website two or three times a day, it will be counted as one visit alone.

Alexa calculates your website’s ranking based on the traffic received from a particular subset of users – those who have Alexa toolbar installed and those who have browser extensions and plug-ins installed. Each time a user visits your website, the toolbar, extension, or plug-in sends the information to the Alexa server, which records the user’s IP and the pages he or she visits. The information collected over a span of three months is then analyzed to determine your website’s ranking.

With Google PR, the higher the ranking, the more popular and authoritative your website is. With Alexa, the smaller the number, the more popular your website is. Websites that are relatively popular and get a decent amount of traffic regularly have an Alexa ranking of 50,000 to 100,000. If your website’s ranking is higher than 100,000, you need to optimize and market it better to bring it down as much as possible. If your ranking is lower than 50,000, it means your website attracts a large amount of traffic regularly.

Reasons Why Alexa Ranking is Important

1. It serves as a valuable metric to indicate your website’s popularity. It also serves a comparative tool, as you can compare your website with that of your competitors and see how well you are doing in terms of traffic and popularity. As a thumb rule, you should aim to place your website among the top 50,000 ranked sites.

2. It is one of the factors that advertisers consider to determine the marketing potential of your website. Websites with high Alexa ranking generally tend to be more profitable and attract more advertisers. It also helps to assess your website’s total monetary value.

3. It is one of the factors that determine your Google page rank. Higher ranked websites are indexed by Google bots regularly, which makes search engine optimization easier.

4. Alexa ranking is considered a relevant and important metric by many webmasters as well as users. This is particularly true in terms of commercial websites, as it is not uncommon for users to take a look at your Alexa ranking and rating before deciding if your website is safe and trustworthy enough to buy from.

You can download Alexa toolbar from their website. You can even customize the toolbar and offer it as a free download from your website. It is a great way to reward your user base. Moreover, if your regular visitors download the toolbar, it can help you maintain your rankings as Alexa counts the visits from users with Alexa toolbars to determine your ranking.

Now you should have a clear idea as to why Alexa ranking is important and why your website needs it. So, download the toolbar, find out your ranking, and display it on your home page proudly.

DF™ Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank Checker4.21b
Desktop version (WinGUI)

The system’s desktop version has a user-friendly Windows interface which allows to manage the process of determining Google PR and Alexa Traffic Rank easily.

System information:

  • Processes lots of data fast. Multithreaded PageRank/Alexa checking for multiple sites (the number of threads is customizable).
  • High productivity (10 000+ checks/minute) and efficient use of your computer resources (the productivity of the system depends on the set number of threads and the speed of your Internet connection).
  • Free determination Alexa Traffic Rank by two methods.
  • Detecting PageRank using information from multiple datacenters:
    • determining max, min and average PageRank;
    • displaying all PageRank values for the specified datacenters.

  • Can be select of determining PageRank. Determining PageRank for domain or for page.
  • Improved PageRank determining mode. Detecting PageRank for sites which don’t have any PageRank in Google Toolbar while other checkers return zero PageRank. Details…
  • Increased Google PageRank determining reliability through using multiple datacenters.
  • New Possibility to limit the speed of checking from one IP/proxy, which prevents blocking by Google or
  • New Possibility to use sockets (for speed) or Curl-library (for operation with all types of a proxy).
  • Possibility to the use of proxy servers in order to avoid IP blocking and to increase productivity levels:
    • New possibility to use of proxy servers requiring authorization (proxies with passwords);
    • New Possibility to use socks-proxy (in Curl-mode);
    • New possibility to load the list of proxy servers from a file and to update it after specified time intervals.
  • User-friendly interface:
    • you can watch the process of PR/Alexa checking and cancel it at any time;
    • there is a choice of the determined parameters — Google PR and/or Alexa Traffic Rank;
    • New the application can be minimized into the system tray (the tray icon is animated during the check, a pop-up is shown in tray when the check is over);
    • New there is a dialogue for check new versions of the program;
    • — URLs for checking can be copy-pasted or loaded from a file;
    • New there is a system events log allowing to watch for use and blocking proxies.

  • Flexible settings:
    • max server timeouts when connecting to Google and Alexa servers can be set up.
    • New adjustable pause time before repeated use of blocked IP/proxy;
    • New adjustable maximum time for checking a list of sites.
  • Saving results:
    • in different files depending on their PageRank showings (1pr.txt, 2pr.txt, 3pr.txt, ..);
    • New in CSV-files and set custom field separation symbol;
    • into text files (space used as field separation symbol).
  • URLs can be sorted according to their Google PR or Alexa Traffic Rank.
  • Removal from the list of repeating URLs.

What is the Alexa ranking?

Alexa ( daughter) has been providing Internet users with a free toolbar from mid-1997, providing the user with some useful web tools in his browser.

its own words, the toolbar has now been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide. The use of the toolbar provides information about which websites the user visits. Because there are millions of users in the toolbar worldwide, Alexa can give an indication of the popularity of a website and about related websites but it’s different with domain authority (visitors to this site also visit these sites, a principle we also know from it provides this information for free on its website and additionally provides periodic reviews of the most popular sites (by category or by language area). For example, it gives an overview of the top 100 websites in the Dutch language area, and for each internet site, the Traffic Rank (= Alexa Rank) and the related sites (if included in the database). This a good website for the web marketers, and website administrators. The question is only how reliable are these numbers?

alexa siteinfo



Reliability Alexa Ranking

For years, the discussion about the reliability of the Alexa Ranking has been discussed. According to many, numbers are worthless (see, for example, the discussions at and Others use the Ranking for PR purposes or research.

e reliability of Alexa Ranking is largely based on the number of users of the toolbar and the representativeness of these users. Already on help page already indicates that there are relatively many users in South Korea making South Korea’s web sites (too) high. The exact number of users of the toolbar and the origin of these users are unfortunately not public, and questions about this are not yet responded, which means nothing about the reliability of the Ranking. Nevertheless, it is possible to make a ruling on the relevance of the Ranking based on known website visits, and its Rankings. Thus, there have been several initiatives where a relationship has been established between the number of visitors and the Ranking. The chance is that the number of users in English-speaking countries is greater than in non-English-speaking countries such as the Netherlands (except South Korea). The spread of the measurement points already indicates that the reliability of the Ranking is not very high. However, it is now possible to estimate the number of visitors per day based on the relationship.


How does Alexa rank?

Alexa rank websites based on the information they receive through the Alexa Toolbar or bulk alexa rank checker. This toolbar is available for Firefox, Chrome or Internet Explorer and available through the Alexa internet site. To get these statistics, users must install the Alexa toolbar, which means that the data is not based on all Internet users.


alexa toolbar


Does the Alexa score affect the position in the search engine?    

Many marketing agencies say that the Alexa score of a website does not take into account, but as long as you cannot understand what the factors are to affect Google’s Page Rank, you cannot exclude the Alexa score. In research, I see similarities between PageRank and score. When two almost same websites with the same PageRank come in search results, that website with the lowest Alexa score gets higher in the search engine. Of course, it’s hard to check if this is directly on the Alexa score.


Most popular websites according to Alexa

Are you curious about which sites rank best according to Alexa? Here is a top 10, where the PageRank of all these pages is 9 or 10 (maximum).

  • com
  • com
  • Youtube
  • Yahoo
  • Amazon
  • com (the number 1 search engine for the Chinese language)
  • Wikipedia
  • Windows Live
  • com (Great Chinese Internet Portal with its Messenger and blogs)
  • com (The Chinese online marketplace)


Alexa Rank Checker

The free Alexa rank checker is most popular SEO tool that allows you to know the present position of a website on the ranking system. The lowest ranking number is better in the traffic rank checker is useful for determining a website traffic and evaluating the value of


The link partners

You can analyze the classification for up to 10 sites at once. It is the straightforward and fastest way to simultaneously collect status, incoming links, and the ranking of various websites. ranking of the site helps know the traffic data, increase your knowledge about the domain usage and other recommendations. Let the ranking is the better performance of your website. On the other hand, it is not possible to rank the daily basis as other SEO experts, so a tool like this is, of course, a support. You only have to enter the URL and click the Submit button and get information about your website Alexa Rank.

alexa ranking




Why is Alexa Ranking Important?

Before this ultimate Alexa ranking checker, you must be able to learn, Why do you need to use this tool? Well, ranking system is mainly done on The level of visits to your website is verified and made public by Alexa. This happens to be a popular ranking analyzer that helps in checking the number of page views and many other critical parameters that can prove useful at the time when you search engine optimization. One of the main advantages of Alexa rank checker is that you can easily compare or compete your site using this great tool and track their performance.

careful analysis of the data that can help you find out more about the positive points and you can bring the same points to your website as well as blog. Alexa rank Indicates the popularity of a blog / the number of visitors. it represents your visitor’s statistics! Are you curious about the number of visitors to your competition? The Alexa rank gives an indication! While the PageRank and domain authority get the highest possible rating, the rank is correct: the lower your grade, the better

What is the Alexa Rank Checker unique feature?

The Alexa Rank Checker Tool Offered by Small SEO Tools is one of the best and excellent pieces of work. We have already done extensive research into the introduction of this tool, which made us a good tool. To use this tool, you have to do is display your domain name and the whole set of useful information. The Alexa tool allows you to know what you want to spend on during marketing. At the time of the development of this excellent SEO tool, we have made sure that all pros and cons are calculated and finally tested and tested elements are built up and in a very efficient manner. The spread of the measurement points already indicates that the reliability of the Ranking is not very high. However, it is now possible to estimate the number of visitors per day based on the relationship. For business and scientific purposes, these paid alternatives are recommended. For quick and dirty analyzes, free alternatives like the Ranking are great to use, and of course, you must realize that reliability is limited!



Some numbers as mentioned above are snapshots. If you read this article at a different time, it is likely that, for example, the Alexa Ranking or the number of visitors to your site no longer matches.


Alexa Traffic Ranking:

Alexa internet inc. is a subsidiary of that is based in California, USA. It specializes in commercial web traffic data.

It is an indicator for websites that tells them how many visitors have viewed their page. Website owners and bloggers keep checking the value of their websites on the Alexa toolbar to find out how popular they are in the online world as well as the rankings of their rival sites.

The traffic ranking of Alexa is based on 3 months of the traffic data collected from its toolbars. The more a site is visited, the lower the value of its Alexa rank. Google is the most visited site in Italy. Facebook, YouTube, and yahoo are close behind it .

Online Alexa Rank Checker Tool

You can check your Alexa rank from its official website. But you can also install the widget in the WordPress to make a Good impression on a visitor. I will explain all the method to check Alexa rank and how to improve it. But first, we have to learn about what is the Alexa rank checker, how it actually work!

What is Alexa Rank?

This is a ranking system set by that basically audits and makes public the frequency of visits to various Web sites. The algorithm according to which Alexa traffic ranking is calculated, is simple. It is based on the amount of traffic recorded from users that have the Alexa toolbar installed over a period of three months. This traffic is based on such parameters as reach and page views.

  • The Reach refers to the number of Alexa users who visit a particular site in one day.
  • Page view, as its name shows, is the number of times a particular page (URL) is viewed by Alexa users. makes it clear though that if a particular user visits the same URL multiple times on the same day, all those visits will be counted as one.

How does Alexa rank websites?

Alexa gets their rankings from the Alexa Toolbar, which people install into their browsers and it basically tracks their activity around the Internet, the websites they visit, and how often they visit. This is where they get most of their data from.

Alexa does not give you the exact ranking about your site. It just only tells the rank according to the data which is collect from their toolbar. Alexa also uses data to rank your site and also collect data from 3rd party software.

The Alexa toolbar not only displays information, but it also sends data to the central server. Thus, each time you visit a Web page via a Web browser (be it Internet Explorer or Firefox) that has the toolbar installed, information is sent to the server indicating your IP and the page you are visiting. Such data is gathered from all the Web users who have the Alexa toolbar. Along with that, they claim to get data from “other” unknown sources as well. This way Alexa rank checker work and give you the ranking your site.

Limitation:- The main data Alexa gets’s from is Alexa Toolbar, so if your site gets 50,000 UVs per day and only 10% of them would be using Alexa toolbar then Alexa will get data of only 5000 visitors. The remaining visitors probably won’t be counted or they would get data of them from different sources. So, all in all, Alexa Rankings is not too much dependable for considering a website’s total traffic.

Ways To Improve Your Alexa Ranking

If you want to boost your Alexa traffic ranking, you just have to follow some quite simple rules, such as.

  • Download and install the Alexa toolbar and then surf your own site.
  • Place the Alexa widget on your Website. It will entice the visitors to check it out, and you know, each click counts.
  • Write useful, quality content, mostly webmaster-related. Promote it on webmaster forums and on social networking sites. The idea is to get as many computer and Internet savvy people as possible to visit your site since the probability that they will have the Alexa toolbar installed is high.
  • Write posts on your blogs and articles about Alexa. You will get links to your pages that will help improve your ranking.
  • Try to get your articles on such social networking websites as,, or
  • Tell your friends about the Alexa toolbar, have them download and install it on their computers, and then tell them to visit your site.
  • Whenever you post on webmaster forums, include your site’s URL in your signature. It is very likely that most webmasters have the toolbar installed, and there’s a great probability that they’ll visit your site.

Setup Account For Alexa Rank

Alexa added a new way to add widget on your blog Sign in Alexa account or register.

  • Go to google and search . Sign in Alexa account or register.
  • Now enter your domain name.
  • Crawl down and click on edit site info.
  • Enter detail about your site and your personal detail.

If you have a good Alexa ranking site, Just add Alexa rank checker widget to your website and make a good impression on the visitor.

How to Install Alexa Toolbar In Browser

Alexa toolbar installs in your browser. It is a toolbar which sends your browsing details to Alexa. But, it can be an essential tool for you in checking a website’s Alexa Rankings instantly as well as increasing your site’s Alexa rankings.

  • Search Alexa Toolbar for Chrome and Click on Alexa Toolbar.
  • Now click on Added to chrome.

Note:- For now the Alexa rank checker toolbar is compatible with FireFox, Internet Explorer and chrome only.

Add Alexa Widget In WordPress

There is also a 3rd party free Alexa Rank Widget WordPress plugin which you can use to show your Alexa rank in a sidebar.  Once you have installed and activate it, go to your WordPress widgets section and drag-drop the Alexa Rank widget in your sidebar. All you need to configure here is the domain name. Replace default domain name with your existing domain name.

Note:- There are so many plugins about Alexa but you have to sure to install an exact plugin which I mansion above.

  • Now click on appearance and the widget and drag-drop the Alexa Rank widget in your sidebar.
  • Now click on Alexa widget in the sidebar and enter your domain name.
  • Save the setting and it’s all done.
  • Open your blog and open your any post. you can see a widget of Alexa ranking in the right side of your post.

Like Alexa puts it, you get to know “how well a website is doing relative to all other sites on the web over the last 3 months.”

Here are four key things you can do with the data from Alexa Rank:

  1. Self Analysis: If you’re a blogger or a website owner, it is important to know your site’s Alexa Rank because it gives you a clear idea of how popular your website is on the Internet. You can use the data to strategize on the best ways to improve your site’s traffic or on the most strategic moves to outclass the competition. And yes, you can regularly check Alexa Web Ranking as a way to keep track of your site’s progress, whether that means losing or gaining popularity. Of course if you notice that it is losing popularity, you can quickly get it fixed and stuff.
  2. Competitive Analysis: Alexa can serve as a competitive intelligence tool. That means with the data, you can perform a competitive analysis to know the extent of traffic a competing website is attracting. You can even compare and contrast your website with that of major competitors to know how you all stack up against each other in terms of web popularity. Our remarkable tool, Alexa Checker, is simply great for this as it allows you to check the Alexa site info of multiple websites at once.
  3. Marketing Analysis: If you’re an advertiser, Alexa Rank gives you an idea of how popular a website is, so that you know whether or not to target your ads on the site and at what cost. In fact, Ranking in Alexa is actually one of the factors that advertisers take into consideration to determine the marketing potential of targeted websites.
  4. “Who-is-Who” Analysis: Alexa Rank categorizes websites by “Global,” “Country,” and “Category.” With the “Country” and “Category” rankings, you can get to know “who is who” in a particular country or industry per the most visited websites in that country or industry. You also get to see how your website and competing websites rank per country and per category.

Now that you know what to do with the data from Alexa Rank, let’s talk about actually checking your Alexa Rank (with Alexa Analytics by Small SEO Tools, of course).

The Alexa Traffic Rank is a well-known metric for comparing one website to another.


Alexa is a California-based subsidiary company founded in 1996, which was then acquired by Amazon in 1999. Alexa specializes in providing commercial web traffic data by gathering various toolbars and web browser extensions. The company provided a database to create Wayback Machine and a number of other various facilities. Alexa is well known for their Alexa Rank, a metric that ranks websites in order of popularity over the past 3 months.

Rank Measurement

The Alexa rank is calculated based on the browsing behavior of Internet users. Using a combination of estimated average daily Unique Visitors and Pageviews over a course of 3 months, the site ranking is calculated. Traffic ranks are updated daily. Unique Visitors are users who visit a site on a given day. Pageviews are the total number of user URL requests for a site. The data is collected using one of 25,000 browser extensions for Google Chrome, Firefox, and Internet Explorer.

Viewing a website’s Alexa Rank

Typing in the full domain name in the input box above, or the official Alexa website will show a website’s Alexa Rank. The page results also reveal Bounce Rate, Daily Pageviews per Visitor, Daily Time on Site, Percentage of visits from Search, Demographics, a list of sites that link, and page speed/load times.

Rank Meaning

The general consensus is that there does appear to be a very rough, general correlation between a site’s Alexa Rank and traffic. Correlations can also have many outlying data points, such as this correlation discussed. According to the Alexa website, traffic rankings of 100,000 and above should be regarded as rough estimates and that the closer a site gets to #1, the more accurate traffic rankings become.

Rank Accuracy

Many webmasters with access to reliable web analytics data often report seeing web-traffic trends and statistics that are out of line with the corresponding Alexa Rank for each site. Here are two things which may cause the discrepancies:

  • Alexa is not able to gather their data from everybody since they do not have access to everyone’s web browser. Although they can gather data from a subset of users via certain browser extensions, the average user may not have such browser extensions installed. This, in turn, skews the data a bit.
  • Alexa simply states that the Alexa Rank is calculated using a combination of the estimated daily unique visitors and the estimated number of pageviews on the site over the past 3 months, but they are not completely transparent on how the data is collected and calculated. Alexa do not provide a formula or algorithm used to calculate the Alexa Rank.


When looking at a competitor’s site, the Alexa Rank can be used to determine how popular the site is relative to the one comparing. Alexa Rank is only an estimate, and it should be treated as such. If you have access to your own server, you may implement the Google Analytics or similar analytical tools and obtain more precise data.

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